Images from the AmbuSens Project

The AmbuSens Project: Ubiquitous Healthcare Monitoring for the Connected Era

The AmbuSens ubiquitous healthcare monitoring system is a framework to bring about the next step in healthcare monitoring. The AmbuSens framework utilizes the cutting edge in Wireless Medical Sensing as well as IT infrastructure, to create an interface that allows users to have instant anytime, anywhere access to real-time medical data..

AmbuSens was conceptualized and developed by the SWAN group at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. We have utilized our expertise in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) to create a connected framework that enables patients, doctors and paramedics to have instant access to real-time medical data though the use of any internet connected devices capable of running a web browser (including smartphones and tablets) . The framework enables wireless connectivity to state-of-the-art medical sensors, secure privacy-aware cloud-based data storage as well as cloud based analytics..

AmbuSens: Smarter Ambulatory Healthcare Monitoring

Imagine a scenario where a patient is being transferred by means of an ambulance, from a remote rural hospital to a specialized clinic/hospital in the city.

Inherently, there is a lack of synchronism and communication between the associated hospitals. The condition of the patient while in-transit is not monitored by the expert doctors, but by ambulatory personnel and paramedics. Further, the diagnostic machines that are present, do not always keep a consistent record of the diagnostics. It is up to the ambulatory personnel to manually inform the destination hospital about the state of the patient in-transit and to deal with any complications that occur while in-transit. Moreover, for a long journey, the condition of the patient when released from the rural clinic may be vastly different when arriving. This leads to the destination hospital being ill-equipped to deal with emergency in-bound patients which often leads to loss of life.

We, at the SWAN group of IIT Kharagpur, believe that the following salient features of the AmbuSens framework, make it particularly well suited to take in-ambulance healthcare monitoring to the next step:

  • Digitized and standardized medical recordkeeping across a wide network of client hospitals for easy transfer of critical medical information between source and destination hospitals.
  • Real-time monitoring of patient once he/she is in transit in ambulance which is instantly accessible by the concerned doctors at both ends.
  • Wireless sensors for ease of use and flexibility when used in conjunction with critical life support equipment which are often large and unwieldy.

Thus, we believe that the AmbuSens Project is the next step towards heathcare monitoring of the future.


Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India.